Pulp and Performance Chemicals

Think about the things you touch, the things you use, and the things you encounter every day. Like smartphones and shiny windows. Comfy sofas, high heels, or insulin. And walls coated with paint that can stand up to the elements. You might not always see them, but our products play an essential role in making people’s lives more livable and inspiring.

Our Pulp and Performance Chemicals business has long been supplying industries worldwide with quality ingredients that are essential for manufacturing thousands of everyday products. The kind of products that are a vital part of your daily routine. Working closely with our customers, we develop and deliver an extensive range of innovative technologies and sustainable solutions. For example, in addition to contributing to safe and efficient production processes, we also help our customers to become more competitive while using fewer resources.

Our pioneering portfolio includes bleaching chemicals and systems, colloidal silica solutions, expandable microspheres, and silica packing and columns. Things you aren’t always aware of, but which you rely on each and every day. You’ll find our essential ingredients in a whole host of products, including tissues, diapers, packaging, shoe soles, automotive coatings and sealants, decorative paints and coatings, smartphones, champagne corks, concrete, wallpaper, batteries,

LED lamps, and pharmaceuticals. We work with industrial customers all over the world who count on our trusted and reliable brands, such as Eka, Expancel, Kromasil and Levasil Colloidal Silica.