Our report

We’ve been reporting on our sustainability journey and performance since 2004, and merged our sustainability reporting into our Annual Report in 2008.

We follow best practice and we’re constantly working to improve our reporting - from data collection and management, to stakeholder input. As such we use the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) framework to guide us. We are also a leader in integrated reporting and a partner in the International Integrated Reporting Council program.

We also report on our water and carbon management programm and carbon footprint to CDP (formally Carbon Disclosure Project) (sign in required).

We engage stakeholders in our sustainability activities and reporting and truly value their feedback and input.

We seek external assurance and verification for our report to reassure stakeholders of its accuracy and materiality. Full details of the assurance process and scope can be found in the Assurance Statement in our report.

Further information:

2016 Report