In the highly competitive markets in which we operate, it is our people who are the differentiating factor in ensuring our sustainable success. It is therefore our mission to create a work environment in which people feel valued are engaged with our core principles and values and are given the right conditions in which they can perform at their best.

Employee engagement

We want to be an employer of choice with an engaged workforce. Regularly measuring employee engagement helps us to manage and develop our human capital and stimulate growth through people. We use our ViewPoint employee engagement survey to give employees the opportunity to have their say and to monitor progress. This is based on the Gallup Q12 survey and provides a comparison against nearly 500 organizations.

Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion (D&I) at AkzoNobel is all about creating winning teams. Our D&I initiative is built around four key strategic ambitions:
• Create sustainable and diverse workforce
• Build strong and diverse leadership pipeline
• Engage managers to build and lead diverse teams
• Create a highly inclusive work environment
• Launched in 2008, our D&I ambition today is represented in various HR and business processes. We have also adopted a Diversity Statement.

Talent Management

In order to deliver diverse and inclusive talent development, we have integrated a new company-wide Talent Management core process. From the results of the annual ViewPoint survey, we see that we have continued to increase employee engagement scoring specifically on learning and growth. The ongoing investment in the AkzoNobel Academy, with its focus on functional excellence, has contributed to this improvement.

Learning and Development

To ensure that we attract and retain the best global talent, we need to have an excellent learning and development platform in place that is fully aligned with the company strategy and its key focus areas and processes. To that end, we offer all employees, at all levels of the organization, opportunities to develop via on-the-job learning, new challenges and assignments within their current role, as well as online development opportunities. It is also crucial that all our employees are trained in the core principles underlying the new company values - safety, integrity and sustainability.

Measuring progress

In line with our overall company strategy, we strive to deliver strong succession in line with our diversity and inclusion objectives and while achieving internal and external recognition as an employer of choice. To that end, we have defined specific key performance indicators with regard to employees, which include metrics on employee engagement, diversity & inclusion, talent management and learning and development, and which are listed in our .