Our strategy

Planet Possible focuses on the issues that are most important to our company and our key stakeholders. But we also look beyond these issues. We are also looking at how global trends will impact our businesses and our customers. Nine billion people are expected to be sharing our planet by 2050; this, alongside the new middle class, even greater urbanization, the long-term constraints of natural resources and climate change raises many challenges and opportunities.

We review our business risks and opportunities against these global trends and use our findings to make predictions on how these will impact our key customer sectors by 2050. These global trends are influencing our approach – ensuring that we will be making products that create more value with less, now and in the future. Sustainability is part of our core business, not separate. We have reflected this by integrating sustainability into our company strategy, objectives, core principles and values.

Find out more about how we manage sustainability. Welcome to Planet Possible. Our commitment to doing more with less.