Managing sustainability

How do you manage sustainability in a company spread over 80 countries? By making it an integral part of your business.

Our Executive Committee has overall responsible for sustainability. They monitor sustainability across our businesses throughout the operating and control cycle. The Sustainability Council is chaired by the CEO and advises the Executive Committee, monitors the integration of sustainability into processes and oversees targets and performance.

Each of our business areas has set sustainability targets which they report on every six months. Teams within each business area help the business to embed sustainability in everything they do.

We’ve built sustainability into our business and functional processes, including two dedicated sustainability sessions each year in the Operational Review Meetings. We set some standards globally where it’s particularly important to do so, including health and safety, environmental protection, product stewardship and compliance.

Our employees have a key role to play in our sustainability performance so we provide training on sustainability and include targets to strive for. This goes all the way up to the board where 30 percent of the conditional grant of shares is based on AkzoNobel’s performance in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices over a three-year period.

More information can be found in our annual report.