Our partnerships and stakeholders

Can we achieve all our goals on our own? The simple answer is no.

We need the support and innovation of people throughout our value chain. We need suppliers who have ideas and see the opportunities in what we can achieve together. We need customers to challenge us and work with us and who are willing to try something new.

Open innovation is our platform to identify and develop partnerships and innovations. It’s yielded a number of success stories including carbon-friendly research and low carbon paint.

We’re working with our suppliers to understand the impact of our value chain and how we can improve. We’re particularly focused on developing partnerships for key raw materials. This is already leading to successes such as finding a biodiesel by-product for our epoxy resins. We are also involved in sector-wide initiatives aimed at creating a more sustainable chemicals supply chain.

We work in partnership with NGOs to have a positive impact and protect the environment. For example, we’re the strategic global partner of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) in the paint industry. We also develop products that are being used to combat malnutrition. Ferrazone, our iron supplement, is used in super cereal blends by the UN World Food Programme as well as in pre-mixed ingredients used by NGOs and food manufacturers.

We engage our stakeholders on our sustainability program in lots of ways, including conferences, meetings, telephone briefings, questionnaires and investor presentations.

Our partnerships include: