Brightening up the lives of disabled children

Our colleagues from Wood Finishes & Adhesives in Tianjin have selected the Jian Hua Foundation as a partner for some of the projects they want to carry out with support from the Community Program. Jian Hua means ‘Building China’ and the organization is active on many fields, like education, hygiene and sanitation, medical support, developing agricultural projects using the professional skills and experience of experts.

The approach is a sustainable one with the aim that the ‘outsider’ will integrate into the community sharing their lives with the local people they are amongst. By building bonds of personal and professional relationships, ideas can be exchanged and opportunities to help the community develop itself can be established. Working alongside doctors and nurses in the local hospital, working with farmers on their land, using engineering skills to bring clean water or simply parents sharing ideas on children’s education are examples of the way that JHF associates and staff have entered and become part of communities in China.

Our colleagues in Tianjin had chosen two schools for disabled children for their support. Before starting the work, an inventory of the condition of both the schools was made. They found that a lot of work could be done as the walls peeled off, the roofs were leaking and the painted walls were faded out. This environment was not very stimulating for the children to have their education. After consulting a professional engineering decoration company, the colleagues from Decorative Paints in Langfang were asked to join in this project. Apart from providing the Interior Emulsion Paint for free, they also travelled to the schools in January (in the winter holidays of the school) to help repair and paint the premises.

A total of 18 volunteering employees worked hard to sand the walls, repaint them and tidy up the classrooms. Their efforts resulted in bright and clean classrooms. Both the children and the teachers were very happy with their new decorated environment and demonstrated their appreciation by sending a handmade New Year card to the volunteers.