Bringing color to the lives of blind children

It is one thing that many of us take for granted, the ability to see. However, there are still those who have never experienced the joy of sight, or are born with normal vision but gradually deteriorate until they are completely blind. In Thailand, there are numerous visually disabled people with limited opportunity to learn, be educated and be entertained. Although there are some supporting programs from government organizations, it is still inadequate. Our colleagues from Decorative Paints in Laksi decided to give a helping hand and asked support from the Community Program.

Their choice was to support 200 blind children attending the Bangkok School for the Blind. The Light for Life organization, a non-profit institution under the Royal Patronage of Her Majesty the Queen dedicated to the caring and education of blind children, organized a special event. 45 volunteering employees from Decorative Paints, joined by 15 painters from the Dulux Painters Club, signed up to bring some color to the lives of the blind students.

On a Saturday morning the activities started by handing out special text books, especially made for those children with limited vision but who are not completely blind. Then numerous games were conducted by the volunteers while the painter volunteers completely repainted the school’s compound walls. The volunteers had lunch with the students and exchanged views on any topics they were interested in.

The event was a beneficial situation for all involved and was appreciated by the blind students as well as by the volunteers involved. As expressed one of them: ‘I waited for this opportunity for a very long time. I thought our company should have some activities for the community, and it will make us have pride in our company. The company is not only making profit from this country but also giving back good things in return. If I do it alone, I will only be able to just donate money but when we do this as a larger group, we can do even better and bigger. This activity brought us “Unity” from sharing good things and good experiences.Actually, this activity is not only creating value into the children’s heart but also our hearts’.