A Games Library to brighten up the lives of poor children

When Mercedes Ortega from Decorative Paints in Colón, Montevideo heard from the Scout Movement of Uruguay about the poor circumstances of the ’Lezica Home’, she decided to help out and asked support from the Community Program and ‘recruited’ more colleagues to brighten up the lives of the children.

‘Lezica Home’ is an institution that houses boys between 6 and 14 years old with family and social difficulties. These children have been abandoned by their parents and are stigmatized by society. The institution is working on family reintegration of these children and their future life perspective. Mercedes quickly convinced four more colleagues to help paint the recreation room. Also books, games, furniture, carpet, TV and DVD equipment were purchased to make the place more comfortable. Besides painting and the reparation of other parts of the home, our volunteering employees supported the children in learning through play values and they collected books and clothing. After several days of intensive work they achieved their objective to bring color to the lives of these children.

On a sunny Saturday afternoon the children celebrated the opening of its renovated Games Library. The circus company “Tricks” performed several acts during the event and the children as well as the adults played games and enjoyed a colorful spectacle. Godfathers, employees, volunteers, the director of ‘Home Lezica’ and the director of the Institute for Children and Adolescents in Uruguay (INAU) thoroughly enjoyed the happy faces of the children.

At the start of the project Mercedes’ main motivation was to brighten up the lives of children:

‘I wanted to give them a space where they can relax, enjoy and remember that despite how hard they have to live, are entitled to be happy. We are convinced that we must protect future generations and for this reason we developed this project during 2009-2010. The objective of this project was to provide children and teenagers a more comfortable space to develop their recreational activities. I am happy to see that we really succeeded to achieve this goal and the greatest satisfaction is the joy of the kids and the excitement of the volunteers who filled their souls with the smiles of these children.’