A meditation garden to help fight addiction

Women who successfully complete the program have the tools to maintain their freedom from alcohol and other drugs. They regain a true sense of self confidence and responsibility. Their loved ones can reclaim their mothers, daughters, wives, friends and co-workers from what many would once consider a ‘hopeless case’. Assisted by the skills obtained in treatment, women can achieve ongoing recovery and become someone others can depend on.

On Saturday, volunteers from the Roanoke site planted a meditation garden in an area that was barren. Park benches were added as well as a water feature. Volunteers put in a stone/pave walkway, planted an herb garden and built a small patio out of pavers for a garden table and chairs. Many plants were planted and the area was then mulched. That meant lots of trips with wheel barrels and lots of shoveling and raking mulch. Our volunteers did not complain and made great progress as a team. Inside the home, more volunteers painted the kitchen and cabinets, added a work island and installed a new energy efficient refrigerator and range. While working on the project, they noticed that the sofa in the living room was worn out and with support from the Community Program a new sofa and chair were purchased as well.

Roanoke HR Manager, Gloria Black thoroughly enjoyed the project, the teamwork, and the appreciation demonstrated by the women who currently reside at the hall. Some of the volunteers were asked for their thoughts and here are their reactions:

‘One of our best Community projects to date! It was like HGTV in action! It was really heartwarming to see so many of our AkzoNobel employees giving part of their day to help these women and even more rewarding to have some of the women who live at Bethany Hall come up to you and say ’thank you’! In my book it was an AWESOME Day and I was privileged to be a part of it!’, Sharron Hearne

‘We were glad to help make a difference for someone to be able to enjoy a place that they have to call home and can enjoy a place to go outside for some needed down time. It was a lot of work but we made it happen with a lot of help and sweat. I thought it looked really good…Thanks’, Daryl Markham

‘Good time, things went well’, James Rice

‘This service project was a great way for our AkzoNobel and home families to work together to make a positive difference in our community.’ Paul McBee

‘It was great to work with my fellow employees to accomplish all the things we set out to do. Once again it showed what a great team we are. I am thankful for each and every one who took part.’ Sam Winkler

‘Beautiful thing’, Patrick Prescott