New aviary to house some 200 injured sea birds

The Frankston Wildlife Shelter in Melbourne looks after injured birds and other animals. The Shelter was badly in need of a large aviary to house injured birds during their recovery.

When Rosslyn Faulkner from Pulp & Paper (Eka) Chemicals in Hallam heard about this, she made an appeal on the Community Program. She requested funding for the purchase of the necessary materials to build the aviary, including the little nesting huts. Support was granted and she convinced 7 of her colleagues to join her on a Saturday to help construct the seabird aviary.

Including other members of the families, there were many helping hands on one Saturday to level the ground, make the box, put up the walls, place the roof and finally add the sand on the floor for the sea birds’ tender feet. It was quite a job as the aviary needed to be at least 4 meters in length to allow for the pelican and swan wing spans. Started at 8 in the morning the job was finished at 4. At that moment there were no injured birds to officially open the aviary on the day, but later on penguins, swans and pelicans were thankful as they were previously kept in a bathroom for recovery.

A one day job that will potentially benefit more than 200 feathered friends per year that can recover in the right accommodation to be released back in the wild when healthy again.