A new direction for traumatized foster children

Nuccio D'Anna, AkzoNobel's Production Manager, Automotive Plastic Coatings of Automotive and Aerospace Coatings in Milan, has made a commitment along with several of his AkzoNobel colleagues to refurbish, refurnish and paint a portion of the La Bussola foster home by early July, 2013.

La Bussola currently serves as the foster home for ten children between the ages of 6 to 11 who have been forcibly separated from their families because they are victims of abuse and violence. La Bussola means "compass" in English and also accurately describes the home’s approach to creating a warm and loving environment for these children.

The children are supported by a team of specialized professionals (including teachers, psychologists, and pediatricians.) who encourage and inspire the children to follow a path of personal growth. La Bussola's aim is to provide the kids with a number of tools that they can utilize to feel comfortable while interacting with others in their everyday lives. Each child follows their own individual program that is created to help them overcome personal traumas that they have experienced. Whenever possible, the children are reintegrated into their families or adopted by a foster family that has been specially trained.

Nuccio D'Anna became a volunteer after hearing about the plight of the children at La Bussola. He thought it would be fantastic if he could somehow help improve the children's lives and has visited them every Sunday since March. In fact, Nuccio found the experience so rewarding, he convinced his colleagues in Milan and their families to join him.

La Bussola has all the required common and private space needed to guarantee that the little guests are safe. However, the house needs renovations to improve living conditions and ensure the children feel comfortable. A renovation plan has been created and supported by the Community Program and Nuccio has also contacted local companies to ask for additional donations.

Nuccio's AkzoNobel colleagues from Decorative Paints have offered to donate paint to the project. Everyone involved feels very enthusiastic about the La Bussola project and are determined to continue to help the children.