Quality of life preserved through coastal clean-up

From a full pipeline of ideas to serve society in their community, our colleagues from Decorative Paints in Puerto Rico started their community involvement by cleaning up trash and debris from a 3.2 mile area along the coast. As part of their Month of Caring outreach, they teamed up with Scuba Dogs Society, an environmentally conscious diving school that engages companies from across the island in a coastal clean-up and conservation project.

Each participating company 'took ownership' of a particular beach and our volunteering colleagues worked in one of the Carolina's beach coasts, an area near the Deco local site. Funds for the beach clean-up project were provided by the Community Program.

On a Saturday morning, HR generalist Idalis Landrau and Technical Director Hector Rivera marshaled a group of about 15 volunteers, including employees from the Stores division and the facility in nearby Carolina. The team fanned out across the 'adopted' beach on the island's eastern shore and collected more than 1,150 pounds of trash and debris from a 3.2-mile-long area in less than five hours. 'We are an island, and this project helped all of us develop a consciousness and awareness that we need to take care of our environment,' explained HR Manager Militza Rios.

Two years ago, Puerto Rico was positioned seventh among the top ten volunteer countries with more than 13,500 volunteers participating. These volunteers donated their time and helped remove more than 210,000 pounds of debris from 417 miles of shorelines. Our volunteering employees were very proud to help achieve the goal of a cleaner and healthier environment. 'Through this International Coastal Cleanup we will be part of an international initiative and also part of the preservation of Puerto Rico’s natural resources. This will also help to preserve our quality of life,' Mr. Rios concluded.