Bolikel XP

Bolikel ® XP is the new iron chelate with eXtreme Performance.

Bolikel ® XP is an AkzoNobel registered trademark exclusively used for High Performance Iron Chelates based on FeHBED for correction and prevention of chlorosis (iron deficiency) in agricultural and horticultural crops.

Bolikel® XP is a premium brand high performance iron chelate produced by AkzoNobel. It contains the new chelating agent HBED. The Fe-HBED bond is about 10.000 times stronger than that of the best known family member Fe-EDDHA. The product therefore has longevity, important for soil applications.

Bolikel® XP contains 6% water-soluble iron (Fe) and has an equally high ortho-ortho level of 6% Fe[o,o]HBED, which is unique. Due to the good longevity and the high ortho-ortho level, the dose rates are lower compared to a standard Fe-EDDHA 4,8 % ortho-ortho product.

The product is very suitable for applications in saline or semi-arid environments, and also for hydroponic systems without and with reuse of drainage water.

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