BROXO®, pure salt for efficient water softening for industries and households.

BROXO® is professional water softening salt. Water softeners are used to impede the buildup of lime that can plug up pipes and other equipment. When this equipment is fouled with mineral deposits, the cost of operation goes up.

The efficiency of water softening installations largely depends on the quality of the salt used. That is why BROXO® has developed pure regeneration salts, compacted under high pressure. Our quality products offer customers tailor-made regeneration salts for all types of water softening installations, both industrial and domestic, as well as laboratories, hospitals and clinics.

BROXO® products are made of very pure refined vacuum salt, free from any harmful soluble or insoluble contaminants. Insoluble contaminants damage pumps and valves and may be deposited in the brine tank. Soluble contaminants are a threat to the ion exchanger and the quality of the end product, soft water. This is why no sea salt or rock salt is used in any BROXO® product, but only very pure refined vacuum salt.

For the efficient, maintenance-free operation of your water softening installation, it is essential that top quality regeneration salt is used. BROXO® products meet all requirements to ensure smooth operation.

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