DeMythe LDD

DeMythe LDD® - our award winning sustainable degreasing and dehydration technology.

With more than three billion raw hides and skins processed annually, the leather and protein industries constitute a sizable part of the global economy. One of the key stages in leather and protein production is removing fat efficiently from the animal skin.

AkzoNobel and our Spanish partner, GRIT, have collaborated to produce an award-winning sustainable degreasing and dehydrating technology – patented under our brand DeMythe® LDD (leather degreasing and dehydration). With a recovery rate of >99 percent, the unique properties of AkzoNobel’s Demeon® dimethyl ether are leveraged to remove water and fat from animal skins in a closed loop process which can operate at relatively low temperatures. It all results in, low waste, high efficiencies and low energy consumption to deliver high quality products. Our process is listed in the Best Available Technology Reference Document for the Tanning of Hides & Skins 2013.

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