Dissolvine® chelating agents – the versatile solution for a diverse application base.

Dissolvine® is the brand name for AkzoNobel's chelating agents; an essential ingredient in a wide number of applications such as detergents, agriculture, food fortification and oilfield.

The Dissolvine® chelates product line is the most extensive there is, with chelates available for many industrial processes. In fact, chelates are used on a daily basis in more ways than you can imagine.

Dissolvine® chelates can add or remove metals in a controlled way in virtually any industrial process that uses water. Metal ions have a powerful influence on chemical processes, as well as on the performance of many products. A wide range of problems associated with metal ions can be solved using Dissolvine® chelates. From improving the efficiency of pulp bleaching to cleaning dairies; from increasing crop quality and yields to preserving food quality. Our chelates therefore contribute to a broad range of applications that are crucial to modern society. Which makes Dissolvine® an essential ingredient in everyday life.

We supply the following Dissolvine® chelates: EDTA, GLDA, DTPA, HEDTA, NTA, PDTA, EDG and Glucoheptonate. EDTA is generally the preferred choice, but specific applications may require other chelating agents.

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