Dissolvine GL

Dissolvine®, the greener chelate.

Dissolvine® GL (the brand name for GLDA), is the latest, greenest and strongest chelate in our range. It’s a safe and readily biodegradable chelating agent which can be used as an alternative for phosphates, NTA and EDTA in a number of applications, such as detergents, personal care and cosmetics, hard surface cleaning, automatic and mechanical dishwashing, and oilfield.

Dissolvine® GL is a safe and readily biodegradable sequestrant, which has an excellent eco and toxicological profile. It can be used as an alternative to NTA, EDTA, phosphates and phosphonates. It has exceptionally high solubility over a wide pH range and is based on a natural and sustainable source.

The search for a cost-effective alternative has long been an industry target. GLDA, marketed as Dissolvine® GL, is the long sought after alternative, having strong chelating capabilities, as well as the unique characteristics described above.

This unique product can be used in a variety of applications, such as:

- Domestic and industrial dishwashing
- Detergents
- Descaling
- Personal care
- Industrial cleaning
- Pulp bleaching

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