Eka is the world-leading brand for pulp bleaching solutions. We are a knowledgeable partner that delivers reliable, innovative chemicals and systems through flexible business solutions to the pulp industry.

We help make pulp - a renewable natural resource - white and bright! We specialize in developing and delivering customized bleaching chemicals and systems. Our pioneering solutions help produce everyday household paper products, such as tissues, diapers, packaging and writing paper.

Our Chemical Island concept offers a turnkey sustainable solution that is the pinnacle of our engineering services. We are the world’s largest producer of sodium chlorate, and one of the largest suppliers of hydrogen peroxide. Our bleaching chemicals and concepts are marketed under the Eka brand.

Our world class technology, application know-how, optimized supply chain and global logistic solutions provide customers with a significant advantage for their operations. We take pride in our brand being associated with:

  • sustainable products and solutions

  • reliable business partnerships

  • global presence

  • assured product quality

We work closely with our customers to provide the chemicals and technologies necessary for producing efficient, innovative, competitive and sustainable products that are part of everyday life around the world.

The Eka brand’s proud history starts in 1898 when Alfred Nobel, the founder of the Nobel Prize, was among those who started EKA - Elektrokemiska Aktiebolaget.

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