ELOTEX® Specialty polymers and additives for modern dry mix mortars.

We have been serving the building and construction industry around the world for more than 50 years with our broad range of redispersible polymer powders and specialty additives.

ELOTEX® products have a decisive influence on cement, lime or gypsum-based finished drymix mortar products. Our free-flowing products are obtained through spray-drying of optimized latex dispersions.

Our expertise in the development and production of special latex dispersions allows AkzoNobel to supply an unprecedented range of products specifically developed to bring defined improvements to a wide range of mortars:
• Excellent mortar workability
• Increased adhesion to porous and non-porous substrates
• Reduced rigidity and improved flexibility
• Increased abrasion resistance
• Reduced water adsorption
• Ensured long-term durability

In applications ranging from flooring, grouts over external thermal insulation composite systems to plastering and renders, our customers can experience unique improvements brought about by ELOTEX® products, such as:
• Improved water resistance
• Increased hydrophobicity
• Superior water repellency
• Reduced efflorescence
• Unparalleled stain resistance
• Improved workability
• Excellent leveling

Our ELOTEX® product range also offers distinct benefits in formulating products to very specific requirements, such as the EMICODE EC1PLUS VOC requirements, or German BfR XIV requirements for contact with potable water. Where required, our products can also assist formulators in meeting demanding air quality standards for indoor use (e.g. LEED).

For more information about our ELOTEX® range, please contact elotex@elotex.com or visit the ELOTEX® website.