Expancel Microspheres

Expancel Microspheres – the multi-performance additive.

Inside a vast amount of applications hides our tiny, expandable microspheres. They are extremely light and with the help of heat they can grow up to 40 times their own size. We help customers all over the world use these effects to enhance their products in many different ways.

Expancel Microspheres have been on the market since 1980, and together with our customers we still find new and exciting possibilities. Expancel's use as both a blowing agent and lightweight filler makes it suitable for applications as diverse as wine corks, shoe soles, underbody coatings, wallpaper and paint.

The microspheres can expand, compress and regain their form, make things light, give a uniform cell structure, reflect heat from the sun, create a smooth surface and cut costs. All in one.

But Expancel is not just a high quality product – our expertise is also part of our offering. We work closely with customers to ensure Expancel works in their process and delivers the advantages they are looking for.

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