Ferrazone®, a novel food ingredient and the most bio-available iron against anemia.

Ferrazone®, is an essential iron compound developed by our Ethylene and Sulfur Derivatives business. It is continuing to gain widespread recognition for its effectiveness in helping to combat iron deficiency. Iron deficiency is the most widespread nutrition-related health problem in the world. As health experts call for a global effort to tackle the problem through the fortification of staple foods, AkzoNobel is providing a vital ingredient that can make a very real impact with Ferrazone®.

Iron is an essential element for good health. Ferrazone®, known as Ferric Sodium EDTA, is a highly effective iron source in food fortification to combat iron deficiency anemia.

Ferrazone can be used in many food products, but is primarily used to fortify foods that are stored in dry form, such as powdered beverages, candy bars and flour.

Ferric Sodium EDTA is recommended by the World Health Organization as the preferred iron fortificant for wheat and maize flour.

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