Let's Colour! Our Flourish brands aim to add color to people's lives.

Our Flourish brands are global leading paint brands, offering an extensive range of high quality products, tools and services. They are designed to help our consumers and customers find the right product and color, with solutions for all kinds of surfaces.

Breathing new life into a home that needs some positive change? Jump-starting home decorating with a wall color refresh? Or perhaps you have just moved, had a baby, or changed relationships, and you’re looking to have your home reflect a brand new you!

Whatever the reason, using paint is a great way to add color and create a positive atmosphere at home. A fresh coat of paint on your walls is one of the easiest and most effective ways to make a change. It clearly improves people’s lives by helping them improve their homes. Across the world, the Flourish brands offer a full range of interior and exterior wall paints covering all needs from basic jobs to more aesthetic or performance-driven projects as well as innovative services and tools such as Visualizer, Testers and Easy Paint Services. We are one of the world's leading decorative paint brands, with solutions for all kinds of surfaces and all kinds of decoration ideas.

Our color expertise and advanced technological innovation are translated into our extensive range of products that not only transform homes into beautiful spaces, but keep them looking great for longer. Our color collections are expertly crafted by our global color team, providing combinations that match every desire or spark just the right inspiration to create your own style.

Our paints are also developed with a sustainability mindset so that we leave the smallest possible footprint in our environment and contribute to a brighter and better world for this and future generations.

We run Let’s Colour initiatives in many countries around the world bringing color to people in underprivileged areas. From painting the favelas in Rio de Janeiro with the endorsement of many celebrities, to bringing a smile to the “children left behind” in China, the contribution we make engages consumers, partners and employees, but more importantly makes a big positive difference in every life we touch with a little bit of color.

The Flourish brands’ mission is to add color to people’s lives, so we encourage all people to join us in this journey to color our lives. We summarize it in a simple, but powerful call to action: Let’s Colour!

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