The Grip products include a variety of adhesives systems that work excellently in building product applications.

GripPro™ Heat - High performance with high frequency.

AkzoNobel Adhesives´ ultimate liquid/liquid system, especially developed for high frequency heated presses. In combination with our latest machinery 7230 Eco Flex (separate ribbon spreader) and the advanced functions like our software Forward Integration 8 (FI8) and LOG4 you will get the best benefits possible – increased productivity and improved quality.
The result: Higher efficiency with optimal glue consumption.

GripPro™ Heat – Your benefits:

Increased productivity:
•  Fast system for high frequency presses
•  Can be used in high frequency heated and cold presses
•  Eco-premium solution
•  Approved to be used with separate application when finger jointing

Strengthened competitiveness:
Gluing Process Optimizer - Forward Integration 8 (FI8), made for batch presses and continuous presses heated with high frequency technology. FI8 includes the following innovative tools:
•  The glue amount optimizer, which gives you potential glue savings of up to 15 percent in batch presses
•  The press time optimizer, which reduces the press time by up to 20 percent in high frequency heated presses
•  The gluing safety guard, which controls your gluing process and will sound an alarm if any process value is out of the given range

FI8 can be used with our separate ribbon spreaders 6230 and 7230.

Improves your efficiency:
GripPro™ Heat includes LOG4, the new intelligent way of logging.
•  The software collects any data from the machine, such as glue amount, lamella temperature, ratio and press time
•  Analysis and reports are generated for every batch to help track the history of any problems
• The operator can write notes to a batch log
•  The layout of LOG4 is flexible and can even be edited by the user
•  LOG4 can be connected to your internal network and you can search data while logging

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