Hammerite is a world-leading brand for ultimate metal protection. We provide solutions for the decoration, protection and restoration of all metal. Hammerite was the first, and is still the only, dedicated specialist metalcare brand. Metal is what we do. We don’t do anything else. We do it better than anyone else.

Given the right treatment, metal can last for generations. Whether it is iron, steel or galvanized/zinc metals, people love the timeless quality that metal brings. We understand the important role that metal plays in your life, but we also understand that all types of metal are vulnerable – to water, sunlight, frost, rust and physical damage. All metals need constant protection to keep them structurally strong and looking their best.

Hammerite helps you do the job well

Metal needs regular treatment with specialized products to preserve and protect it. When you neglect metal, you are simply asking for trouble, and for costly maintenance in the future. You are much better off taking proper care of your metal now, if you want it to retain its good appearance for longer. And if you do the job right, with Hammerite, you'll have reason to be justifiably proud of the results.

You can trust Hammerite to provide the easiest-to-use, longest lasting protection for your metal, with no nagging doubts or concerns. Your choice for Hammerite will keep your metal looking good for longer. We help you tackle every metalcare job without worry.

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