Herbol - Schnell, Sicher, Produktiv (Fast, secure, productive). Herbol is one of AkzoNobel Decorative Paints’ leading brands in Europe, offering a well-balanced and up-to-date product assortment, service and support for the professional painter.

Our aim is to offer optimal solutions to enhance the business of professional painters.

This is underlined by our promise:
Schnell, Sicher, Produktiv, which means fast, secure, productive.

Originating in Germany, Herbol established a reputation for excellence in quality, supplying products that professionals value for efficiency and value.

The combination of being part of a global organization while retaining local market knowledge and experience makes it possible to create the optimal offer for professional painters in the countries where we are active.

More specific information can be found on our country websites.

Key industries

Architecture and construction
Furniture and flooring