Kromasil is used for a wide range of chromatographic applications: from substance analysis in the lab to industrial-scale purification of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (API).

Kromasil allows many diabetics around the world to enjoy fuller lives by being a vital part of the purification of insulin.

When high purification is a requirement for soluble APIs, chromatography is a versatile technology area that easily provides answers. With the robust spherical silica particles of Kromasil as packing material, this technology can be run under the most productive conditions.

For better productivity

While all packing materials have a limited lifetime, the mechanical strength of Kromasil allows it to be used in the API manufacturing a longer time and with better productivity than other packing materials on the market.

From analytical to process-scale chromatography

Kromasil is offered in many particle sizes where the smallest are used for the fastest and sharpest analysis on laboratory instruments, while the larger particles offers the high capacity and productivity required for the large-scale purifications.

Already by its nature, chromatography is a quite easily scalable technology. However, Kromasil is quite unique to offer the very same chemical properties over the whole range of particle sizes, making the procedure of developing a purification method on a lab-scale instrument and applying it on industrial production equipment, straightforward and reliable.


Kromasil comes in a variety of surface chemistries and pore sizes, to allow separation applications for the smallest organic substance to the larger biomolecules like peptides. Even the chiral separation of a racemate with identical physical properties can be addressed.

Technical support

The Kromasil Application Group is an important resource available to customers to help them optimize their separation processes with Kromasil for the best efficiency and economy. The manufacture of Kromasil is a well-monitored process with a high batch-to-batch reproducibility. This gives a reliable material appreciated by laboratories and API producers all over the world.

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