Lesonal – Great finish. Fast. Drive your success with our experience.

Fast repairs, with no compromise on quality. That’s the Lesonal promise. Its superior finish and speed are keys to customer satisfaction and higher productivity, but there is more to Lesonal than premium color and application performance.

Working with Lesonal is a whole new experience. Lesonal makes life easier. How? With products that are simple to select and easy to apply. Products which are backed by advanced color tools, ensuring you get the right result first time, every time, and by our dedicated Lesonal specialists and support team. A team focused on adding value to your business. Helping you increase your profitablility today and build a more sustainable business for the future with he right products and processes.

It's more than a job. Those who develop, deliver and support Lesonal products have a genuine passion for their work, and they know that you and your staff also care deeply about achieving the best results. Our team has specialist knowledge and many years of experience which can make a difference to your bodyshop – and we are keen to work with you to prove it.

Working in partnership

Effective and profitable partnerships between our team and our customers are a very important part of the Lesonal experience, which is why we focus on maximizing the experience from both sides. It’s a winning blend of people first, supported by the Lesonal proposition. We are very careful to listen, so we can benefit from your insights, understand your challenges and tailor our solutions to meet your needs.

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