Sanal Pharma

Sanal salt makes patients safer.

Sanal® Salt is salt in its purest form for the pharmaceutical industry, medicine, and cosmetics, as well as food and health products. In the pharmaceutical industry, where pharmaceutical salt is used primarily in the dialysis market, purity and quality are of the utmost importance.

Sanal® Sodium Chloride Pharmaceutical Quality is the right choice when there can be absolutely no doubt about quality and purity. We are committed to purity our customers can rely on. Salt in its purest form and without additives plays an essential role in the pharmaceutical industry, in the manufacture of cosmetics, and in medical and pharmaceutical products.

Salt Specialties' pharmaceutical salt product Sanal ® P meets the stringent requirements defined by the international pharmacopoeias. Salt Specialties' product quality is considered higher than the competition's thanks to the purity, reduced residues and free-flowing properties of its products. Moreover, Salt Specialties has a unique quality grade Sanal ® SQ for which there is no competitive substitute. Both products are sold all around the world.

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