Sikkens Vehicle Refinishes

Sikkens – the perfect paint partnership for vehicle refinishes.

Bodyshops across the globe, seeking premium paint performance, look to Sikkens vehicle refinishes system for a strong and sustainable future. The concept ‘Creating Together’ enables us to work with our customers to accelerate the development of innovative premium products, efficient processes and produce a complete vehicle refinishes system. This partnership approach gives our customers the competitive edge, and is the foundation of our brand’s high performance and success.

Creating Together

We acknowledge that our future is inextricably linked to our customers, working closely with them to provide products, training, support, and equipment. It is this total package which helps our customers consistently deliver outstanding performance. This is why Sikkens is supported by our 38 Automotive Training Centers with over 600 color courses being held each year for approximately 4,000 painters. Also, we have more than 800,000 color formulas in our database with more than 40,000 mixing machines installed on customer sites.


Sikkens’ latest innovations: Autoprep Pretreatment Wipes, Autosurfacer UV, Autowave MM 2.0 and Autoclear 2.0. have all been developed through partnership with industry experts at all application levels. The continuous improvement of our Sikkens vehicle refinishes system is a direct result not only of working closely with leading automotive brands like McLaren, but also listening to the needs of local painters working with our products on a daily basis.

Acoat Selected

Acoat Selected is AkzoNobel's business development program for our Sikkens brand customers. Whether you’re looking to grow your business or improve day-to- day operations, the Sikkens Acoat Selected program offers the consulting services, management training, financial benchmarking, coaching and networking you need to give your business a boost. Insurance companies, vehicle owners, fleet administrators and other work providers trust Acoat Selected shops. With the support of AkzoNobel, a world leader in vehicle refinish, your business will achieve excellence that customers recognize and return to.

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