Thioplast® G is ideally suited for the production of sealing compounds and protective coatings, for a variety of applications in construction, aircraft, and marine industries and in the manufacture of insulating glass. Thioplast®G is a polysulfide polymer with excellent adhesive property and gas tightness, which guarantees an excellent insulation against temperature variation from the outside to save energy. Its elasticity and pronounced chemical resistance are additional key properties which make Thioplast® ideally suited as a base polymer for sealants and coatings.

Thioplast® G, a liquid polysulfide polymer produced by AkzoNobel in Germany (Greiz) is the leading product used to make polysulfide sealants that save energy and thereby help to reduce climate-changing greenhouse gases.

Polysulfide sealants have excellent adhesive property and gas tightness which guarantee an excellent insulation against cold and heat from the outside to save energy.

Elasticity and pronounced chemical resistance are additional key properties of polysulfide sealants. Thioplast® is therefore ideally suited for the most important application as base polymers for sealants and coatings.

Thioplast® G helps sealant manufacturers fully meet and exceed the uncompromising standards of the aerospace industry. It is instrumental as the functional component in aircraft fuel tank sealants. The product has been the number one choice in this application for over a decade, contributing to the outstanding safety performance of the industry. You'll also find polysulfide based sealants performing exceptionally at gas stations, bridges, facades and runways. Thioplast® G is also used in the production of printing blankets, grinding systems and coatings.

Thioplast® EPS, an epoxy terminated polysulfide polymer with low viscosity, combines the excellent properties of Thioplast® G with those of epoxy resins, including:
• Excellent adhesion to most surfaces
• Chemical resistance to many diluted acids, alkalis and solvents
• Mechanical stability and durability
• High-speed curing at ambient temperature
Thioplast® EPS is used in adhesives for steel, aluminum, concrete and automotive applications. It also forms important components of anti-corrosive and marine coatings, coatings for chemical plants, as well as mechanically and chemically stressed coatings. Depending on the application, Thioplast® EPS can either be used on its own or in combination with conventional aromatic A/F-glycidyl ethers, novolacs and other epoxies.