Witbreak is a leader in oilfield demulsifier intermediates. To help our customers meet their productivity targets and address the challenges production engineers and service providers are confronted with, we offer an extensive range of essential ingredients for demulsifier formulations.

When oil is produced from a well it usually consists of a strong mix (emulsion) of oil and water. For the oil to be refined and commercially used the water needs to be separated from the oil. This is where Witbreak demulsifiers come in.

Our customers use formulated demulsifiers with our innovative chemistries to break the emulsion and economically remove water from the crude oil.

To support our customers delivering added value, we offer a broad portfolio of the Witbreak brand consisting of industry proven, cost effective products and innovative high performance solutions to tackle the most challenging crude oils.

Our expertise comes from over 40 years of global oilfield chemistry experience. Dedicated technical teams around the world help our customers determine the best possible solutions to address their specific needs for each field.

For unique oilfield challenges we frequently partner with our customers on exclusive innovation projects. For example on extreme performance requirements or reducing the environmental impact of oilfield operations.

That is how we deliver world-class customer productivity, empowered by innovative oilfield chemistries.

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