Ethylene and Sulfur Derivatives

We produce ingredients that are essential to enhance, protect and brighten up the things we use in our daily lives. Whatever you touch, wherever you go, and whomever you meet, you are likely to encounter products that look better, perform better, and enhance your experience because of our ingredients. Whether you are applying a soft lotion for your skin, putting on a clean change of clothes, going out to play tennis, eating a salad on the go or just enjoying a glass of Prosecco before you turn off the lights - you’ll find our ingredients where you least expect it.

Serving our chemical customers in China 


With leading market positions and global brands, we ensure that industries worldwide are supplied with quality ingredients: chemical intermediates and performance chemicals such as cellulosic specialties, chelates, ethylene amines, micronutrients, polysulfides and sulfur products. Our products are used in everyday items such as cleaning products and detergents, food and beverages, interior and exterior building structures, pharmaceutical products, personal care products, as well as vitally important activities such as agriculture, oil and gas recovery, and much more. We bring chemistry to life.

We focus on our customer’s needs and forge partnerships with world-class universities to take innovations to the next level and provide solutions that matter. Customers can turn to us as recognized leaders in our field providing expertise, excellence and reliable brands, such as Akucell, Bermocoll, Bolikel, Dissolvine, ELOTEX, Ferrazone and Thioplast.

Key facts:

RD&I centers:4Manufacturing sites:16Employees:1,800Chemical product lines:7Leading product brands:10


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