Surface Chemistry

Even if you’ve never heard of surface-active agents, you’ve most certainly encountered them in your daily life.

Not only are our products used in a huge range of industrial and consumer products, they are remarkably flexible: they can emulsify, disperse, wet, aggregate, foam, de-foam, disinfect, soften and more.
If you’re hoping to learn more about chemical surfactants – their application uses, functionalities and benefits – you’ve come to the right place.

Our People

AkzoNobel we believe we can only grow our business as fast as we grow our people.

For Surface Chemistry, that means we cultivate some of the industry’s brightest minds with the application know-how, scientific expertise and broad knowledge base required to provide our customers the highest quality service possible.
In addition to our existing products, we’ve built a culture of innovation which results in the continued development of groundbreaking new solutions using cutting edge technologies.

With production and coordinated R&D on four continents, our international reach is unmatched, giving our customers access to resources and opportunities on a global scale.

Our Locations

A global reach with personalized service.

Boxing, China
Chattanooga TN, USA
Houston TX, USA
Ft. Worth TX, USA
Itupeva, Brazil
Mons, Belgium
Morris IL, Belgium
Salisbury NC, USA
Stenungsund, Sweden
Stockvik, Sweden

Chicago IL, USA
Stenungsund, Sweden
Shanghai, China
Dubai, UAE

R&D and Tech Service
Bridgewater NJ, USA
Chattanooga TN, USA
Croton River NY, USA
Deventer, The Netherlands
Itupeva, Brazil
Mumbai, India
Shanghai, China
Stenungsund, Sweden

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