Color of the Year 2019

Last year, many of us were left unsettled by global events, so we closed our doors to retreat and regroup. Now we feel ready to throw everything open and face the world again. Our trend research shows that people are experiencing a renewed sense of energy, optimism and purpose. There’s a desire to reach out, engage with others, to make things better and “be the change”. That can be anything from marching for women’s rights and fishing plastic out of the ocean, to small acts of neighborly kindness. People are ready to seize the moment.

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Now is the time to think, to dream, to love and to act.

People are feeling energized and ready for action. We want to create a space which reflects a sense of awakening and embraces our new spirit of positivity. We want homes where we can turn our thoughts and dreams into actions, where we can invite others to join in, where we can… LET THE LIGHT IN.

Color of the Year 2019

Spiced Honey has a warm amber tone which perfectly captures our “Let the light in” theme. It can be calming and nourishing or more stimulating and energizing, depending on the light and colors surrounding it. Truly versatile and contemporary, our Color of the Year for 2019 complements a broad spectrum of lifestyles and interior styling and is the ideal choice for reflecting our new sense of optimism.

AkzoNobel Color of the Year 2019 - Spiced Honey


We are awakening to a positive new mood and our four ColourFutures 2019 palettes will empower people to create homes full of purpose and possibility. These easy-to-use palettes promise to bring a fresh energy to the world’s walls, with the versatile Color of the Year 2019, Spiced Honey, at the heart of each one. It’s inspired by the varied tones of the ColourFutures 2019 palettes and the remarkable properties of honey – natural, timeless and enduring, protective, rejuvenating and healing. Our trend forecasters from around the globe have reported a growing appreciation of both the substance and the shade, having seen its use on the rise across fashion, architecture and design.

A space to think

The THINK home creates an atmosphere of calm and clarity where we feel free to be ourselves. It’s a simple contemporary space, combining hotel chic with real-home warmth. The THINK dweller spends time at home to reboot their brain, away from the sensory overload of the outside world. They love to be surrounded with a careful edit of inspiring objects and art. The relaxed palette has our warming, honey-hued Color of the Year at its heart, combined with an inviting mix of rich neutrals and touches of soft pink, intense burgundy and sophisticated deep blue. Polished woods, mid-century furniture, graphic rugs and textiles emphasize the smart, yet soothing, coherence of the look.

A space to dream

The DREAM home creates a space where we can be still and silent. Somewhere to sit and drift in perfect peace, to become lost in the moment and to wonder “what if?” The DREAM home dweller loves the way their surroundings allow them to stop rushing and relish the here and now. They appreciate a home which is elegant but relaxed, with whimsical and playful touches. The palette is serene and grown up, yet soft and warm. A gently muted mix of romantic powder pinks and blues create calm, with our honey-toned Color of the Year bringing depth and sophistication to the look. Plain, pale wood, simple hand-thrown vessels and pretty fabrics add to the contemplative, centered feel of this home.

A space to love

The LOVE home creates a happy and welcoming “open house” atmosphere, where we can surround ourselves with the people and things that matter most to us. The LOVE home dweller cherishes things that have a special meaning for them and this is reflected in the offbeat and unusual objects that adorn their rooms, as well as the lush plants they like to nurture. This palette, our warmest of 2019, is filled with richly pigmented shades including deep forest green, bold teal and intense terracotta red, tempered by our honey-inspired Color of the Year and pale neutrals. With wooden furniture and botanical prints, it all goes to create a relaxed yet cozy home that’s perfect for sharing with loved ones.

A space to act

Home can be a place which sparks action and allows you to give things a try, whatever the outcome. It’s the four walls that listen when you first voice an idea, where you solve a problem under the jets of the shower. The ACT home dweller is bold and brave, but also fun and uncomplicated. They look to their home to charge them up with energy and momentum. The playful palette combines vivid red and green with paler pink and blue, underlined by crisp greys and whites. The golden tones of our honeyed Color of the Year ensure that the palette stays warm and inviting. This home is brought to life with reclaimed furniture which has been painted and personalized by the owners. Bold graphic shapes, low-key cork and plywood with vintage rugs create a space that inspires action.

About ColourFutures™ 2018

Established in 2004, ColourFutures™ aims to build an annual picture of what home life will be like for consumers and create color palettes that will transform their interiors accordingly. ColourFutures™ involves the selection and identification of AkzoNobel’s Colour of the Year, its hero palette and three supporting palettes. These are brought to life by the company’s Decorative Paints brands, including Alba, Astral, Bruguer, Coral, Dulux, Flexa, Inca, Levis, Marshall, Nordsjo, Sadolin, Sikkens and Vivechrome.

The trend analysis behind ColourFutures™ and the identification of the Colour of the Year is conducted by the AkzoNobel Global Aesthetic Centre, led by Creative Director Heleen Van Gent.

Based in the Netherlands, it leads the company’s Decorative Paint’s trend analysis, color research and design, and art direction. Each year, it invites a select group of independent experts to forecast the emerging global design trends for the year ahead. It supports 80 global markets, empowering consumers to make the right color choices for their homes.

Through this extensive research and a deep understanding of how the continuous shifts in the global landscape filter into consumers’ lives, the Global Aesthetic Centre experts ensure that ColourFutures™ not only evolves with, but also anticipates, the changing needs of the home. As such, ColourFutures™ provides consumers with contemporary complementary color palettes that bring the comfort and ease that we desire into our homes.

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