Antifouling/foul release

Prevent fouling organisms such as barnacles, weeds and slime from building up on your hull and causing drag by using our industry leading antifouling/foul release products. Our International and Interlux brands offer fouling control solutions for vessels from the smallest fishing boat to the largest cargo carrier.

Our marine coatings business offers the first biocide free fouling control coating featuring patented slime release technology that combats micro fouling on ships’ hulls, maintaining performance throughout the docking cycle. As a result, all vessels can benefit from reduced drag, improved fuel efficiency and reduced CO2 emissions without the use of biocides.

We’re so confident with its proficiency that we worked with The Gold Standard Foundation to create the first approved carbon credit methodology in the marine industry!

Our yacht coatings business offers a range of protection for your yacht. One of the most important painting jobs carried out by boat owners is antifouling; it is vital to protect your boat.

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