Domestic appliances

We take them for granted. Cookers, freezers, central heating and radiators, washing machines, air conditioning units. But they are an essential part of everyday life. And, in our design-conscious age, these items need to be as smart in their looks as they are in their functionality.

Having everyday items like kitchen tools in bold colors or with a pleasing tone or effect can have a positive impact on us. They can make us feel alive.

Our color collection is backed up by the world’s most advanced powder coatings technology. We also manufacture to exacting environmental standards to minimize harmful emissions and waste – both in our factory and at customers’ plants.

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Our metal coatings are specially designed for the rigors of domestic appliances. It’s an excellent choice for exterior wrappers and interior parts for home laundry and kitchen appliances, such as dishwashers and clothes washers and dryers.
When properly applied to manufacturer specified metal substrates, these factory applied coating systems meet or exceed specified finish requirements. They provide functionally attractive economical and reliable finishes for marketplace manufacturers and their consumer customers.

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