From consumer electrics to coatings for all your information technology needs, AkzoNobel has it covered.

There’s probably no market in the world that is quite so dynamic as the consumer electronics market. Mobile phone models are updated or replaced several times a year. Technologies that were the “next big thing” fall by the wayside as new ones are introduced. And that’s where our specialty finishes can make the difference. We put the glow in mobile devices produced by the best-known consumer electronics manufacturers around the globe. We coat computers, home entertainment systems, games systems, and home appliances. We provide coatings systems for all sorts of plastic or metal substrates. We can deliver high gloss, low gloss, soft feel, scratch resistance, finger-print resistance, and super-tough durability.

The fast moving world of Information Technology is demanding. Products need to be tough, visually eye-catching and have a flawless finish. Standards are high. Only the very best coatings are selected. Our environmentally friendly powder coatings can be used both indoors and outdoors and are suitable for the Computer, Networking, Telecommunications and Self-Service Technology markets. These tough, cutting-edge finishes are used on laptops and desktop computers, servers, industrial computers, server and telecommunications equipment cabinets, printers, telephones, airport check-in Kiosks, supermarket self-service tills and ATM cash points.