Hammerite has a rich history. The name first appeared in 1962, when Allen Forster developed a hammered paint for use in electrical insulation. But Hammerite first appeared in the format we know today in 1984. It was launched to the UK DIY market as a single-pack, air-drying, corrosion-resistant coating for iron and steel. At this moment the metal specialist category was created.

It was the “Any Old Iron” TV ad in 1985 which truly launched Hammerite as the “Direct to Rust” specialist. Hammerite soon developed a name for quality products and a mystique developed around the formulation, with consumers speculating about what gives Hammerite its special properties.

Various company acquisitions of the brand followed and from 1995, Hammerite was introduced to an international market, aided by the now infamous “Biker” TV ad (first aired in 1999). Recent developments include the expansion to non-ferrous metals.

Today Hammerite is sold in over 55 countries worldwide and is the European brand leader in metalcare. It has the number one brand position in many markets. In over 25 years we have never lost our focus on metal. Our knowledge and understanding of metal remains unrivalled and the brand continues to be supported by world-class research and innovation.