For the water and waste water industry we have the coatings solutions for you.

AkzoNobel provides a range of specialist protective coatings products offering excellent corrosion protection to the steel and concrete used in the water and wastewater industry.

From raw water distribution, water treatment and storage to desalination facilities, our coatings and lining solutions will protect your assets whatever the environment. We can also offer potable water tank and pipe lining products approved to international standards.

Wastewater treatment facilities, sewers and vaults encounter some of the most severe environments in the water industry. The choice of coating is key to ensuring long term corrosion protection.


Valves, fittings and accessories are important instruments in our life to regulate and control the flow of liquids; drinking water and waste water, in modern distribution networks.

We have a range of epoxy powders in our Resicoat brand for these applications with worldwide drinking water approvals.

The highest standards are required for anti-corrosion protection of earth-laid castings. They must be resistant under a wide range of temperature and environmental conditions. We have a powder coatings range which provides a completely sealed surface, free of any porous areas. The protective coating prevents both corrosion itself and the formation of corrosion products which, when transported along the water pipeline, can lead to disruption at other points. The smooth surface reduces friction between the transported medium and the fitting. Encrustation by salts or organic materials is prevented. The positive results are a long working life for the casting and the saving of pump energy.


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