We’re proud to have some of the world’s finest woodcare brands, rich with heritage and brand equity. Cuprinol, Xyladecor, Sadolin, Pinotex, CetaBever and Sparlack are all established leaders. Between them they have over 500 years of specialist woodcare expertise.

Many of our brands go back to Scandinavia, where wood is extensively used and exposed to the harshest weather. The Sadolin brand for example was established over 100 years ago in Denmark, when the eighteent-century coatings company Holmbladske Selskab merged with Gunnar A Sadolin.
The Cuprinol brand, which quickly become a leader in the UK, also has Danish roots. The name comes from ‘Cuprum in Ol’ (‘Copper in Oil’ in Latin), a process devised in 1911 for preserving fishing nets.
Pinotex was launched in Denmark in 1959 as the world’s first woodstain designed to protect wood from the weather. Pinotex has become synonymous with excellence in wood protection in Scandinavia, the Baltics and Russia.
Over 40 years ago, Xyladecor was the first woodstain to be launched onto the German market. It originated from the Xylamon brand dating back to 1928 and combines two Greek words, xylos (‘wood’) and ameuna (‘I protect’).
And in Brazil, Sparlack was originally the name given to the varnish range as part of the Ypiraga brand which goes back as far as 1928.
Sparlack established a reputation for high quality wood finishes and is now the number one brand.
Today, we are the world’s largest manufacturer of woodcare products, and our brands collectively protect more wood than anyone else. Our knowledge and understanding of wood is unrivalled and all our brands are supported by world-class research and innovation.