Official rules “name our mascot” competition

Official Rules

1.     These rules (including the AkzoNobel Privacy Policy) govern the name our mascot competition by AkzoNobel (the “competition”) and set out the terms and conditions between AkzoNobel UK and its affiliates (“AkzoNobel” or “us/we”) and each participant (“participant” or “you”).

2.     By submitting your entry you accept these rules.

3.     Employees of the AkzoNobel group, advertising and promotion agencies, and the immediate families of each may enter.

4.     The competition is open to October 16th 12:00 midday GMT.

6.     We may refuse or disregard your entry for any reason.

7.     By submitting your entry, including the ideas, works and information contained therein:
a)     you agree that the entry is not confidential and can be used by AkzoNobel in relation to this competition and in relation to its business;
b)    you agree that AkzoNobel is licensed a world-wide, non-exclusive, perpetual right to use your entry, including the right to publication, reproduction and distribution in whatever media and form; you waive any moral rights related to the entry;
c)     you warrant that, to the best of your knowledge, the entry is not owned by a third party such as your employer, and you warrant that use of the application does not infringe third party rights or breach any contractual duty, and;
d)    you indemnify and hold AkzoNobel harmless for damages resulting from infringement, breach of warranty or breach of contract caused by AkzoNobel's use of the entry.

8.     Apart from souvenirs and prizes offered as part of the competition, no monetary compensation will be paid for the entry and any of your competition entries.

9.  AkzoNobel is not responsible for competition entries not received due to lost, failed, delayed or interrupted connections or miscommunications, or other electronic malfunctions. AkzoNobel is not responsible for incorrect or inaccurate entry information, whether caused by you or any other persons or by any of the equipment.

10.  AkzoNobel may select winners at its sole discretion. AkzoNobel has no obligation to publish or disclose to you the basis or reasoning for the selection.