Employee Testimonial

Meet Jie Liu, Procurement Manager, Deco China & North Asia

Jie joined AkzoNobel as an International Supply Chain Trainee in 2005. He has worked and served in several positions under supply chain, such as Shift Leader, Planning Manager, Site Manager, and Country Logistics Manager. His current role is Procurement Head for Decorative Paints China and North Asia.

  • Procurement Manager, Deco China & North Asia
  • At Business Area Deco China & North Asia
  • Works in Deco Songjiang Site Shanghai China

"Everything we do is to create value to our end customer"

After graduating from Warwick University in 2005, Jie joined the ICI China College Program (a trainee program designed to develop talents for China business) as a supply chain trainee at the Shanghai Decorative Paints site.

During his first 18 months at the company as Manufacturing Shift Leader, he successfully led the team in reducing slurry production cycle time by over 30%. Jie says, “I really appreciate the time within manufacturing; it built my fundamental knowledge of the paint business and gave me great experience in leading a group of people.”

In 2007, after completing his green-belt project in production, he was sent back to the UK for a new function: planning. Jie was given the responsibility of scheduling AkzoNobel’s biggest paint site, Stowmarket in the UK.

When he was called back to Shanghai in 2008, his experience naturally made him the perfect fit for Site Planning Manager. Jie says, “By taking the planning manager role, I successfully ‘graduated’ from the trainee program and become a ‘mature’ manager.”

In 2009, as the integration of ICI Paints and AkzoNobel progressed, a new opportunity was presented to Jie: Site Manager for the Decorative Paints Langfang Site. Jie says, ‘This was the biggest step up in my career, to run a site with over 100 people. I really enjoyed my three years in the plant. It was challenging but interesting.” Before he left Langfang for another new position, he led the team in tripled site capacity and doubled productivity.

In 2012, Jie moved to a logistics position managing all the transportation and warehouses for Decorative Paints China. He says, “managing 3PL was quite different from managing site, but benefiting from our mature and comprehensive depot footprint, we could ensure an over 98% ‘On-Time, In-Full’ to our end consumers.” In this role, he proved his capability to take on challenges and make things happen.

Jie was assigned a new role in procurement last April. “I really want to thank the company and the top managers for giving me so many great opportunities to develop myself. I am looking forward to new tasks in the future.” Already, just one year into his new role, his team is responsible for a 10% reduction on the Risk Management index. This year, Jie and his team are aiming to do even better.