Employee Testimonial

Meet Lidia Diniz, Customer Order Service Representative

Lidia Diniz offers answers and solutions for customers after they place an order. She credits her ability to make strong connections with others to her experience emigrating to Sweden from Portugal as a child.

  • Customer Order Service Representative
  • At Business Area Paints and Coatings
  • Works in Sweden
  • At AkzoNobel since 2008

"“AkzoNobel is a place where we can have opinions and our ideas are listened to. It’s a very inclusive company and that’s something I value very much.”"


Sometimes an experience in your life lends you skills that shape the future of your life and career in the best ways. That has been the case for Lidia Diniz, whose mixed upbringing has influenced not only where she works, but how she works.

As a customer order service representative for marine and protective coatings in the Nordics region, Lidia is based out of Angered in Sweden. She answers questions and offers solutions throughout the customer journey from the time an order is placed to its eventual delivery from our factory.

From Portugal to Sweden

Lidia was born in Bairrada, a small village off the coast of Portugal. When she was a child, her father had to travel in search of work. When he found it as a granite cutter in Sweden, he sent for his family.

That was over 40 years ago, but Lidia still remembers the long journey to Sweden. When she stepped off the train into the Swedish winter, she thought how strange it was that the streets were covered in cotton – of course she had never seen snow before! Thereafter Lidia describes her childhood as nothing less than idyllic.

“Families were integrated via schools and the workplace,” says Lidia. “When machines replaced the granite cutters in the 1970’s, my family found a new opportunity – making Volvo cars. I followed their footsteps and also worked at Volvo in Gothenburg for a few years.”

Lidia later settled in Portugal, a familiar place she had visited every summer. But after several years, she found she missed Sweden and made the decision to return. Within the first month back, she got a job at the International Paint Angered site – a place she’s now worked for the past 11 years!

A place to be yourself

“I liked it here right from the start,” shares Lidia. “I’ve never been treated differently for any reason. Here, everyone is treated with respect no matter which country you come from. I can truly be myself and feel respected for who I am.

“AkzoNobel is a place where we can have opinions and our ideas are listened to. It’s a very inclusive company and that’s something I value very much.”

Since the workplace is such an important part of integrating into a community, Lidia encourages everyone to welcome new arrivals and become friends with their colleagues. In her experience, integrating into Swedish society has been about being active and open with others.

Growing and learning

As a hardworking and service-minded person, Lidia really believes in the importance of serving our customers well. “The customers I have contact with are very satisfied with our service and products,” says Lidia. “They like that AkzoNobel is a big company with experience and always looking to improve our products or develop new ones.

“I like a combination of administrative work and personal connection. I’m in contact with our direct customer and sales representatives by e-mail and phone, and I back up the other Nordic markets when needed. We have wonderful cooperation and team work at the Nordic office.”

Lidia looks forward to even more opportunities to learn from her colleagues. “I think it’s fantastic that there are 27 different nationalities at the Angered site. You get to know a little bit of each culture. I’m also looking forward to working more in cross-functional teams. I really believe we can learn a lot from each other.”