Employee Testimonial

Meet Miriam Boegborn, Process Development Engineer

Miriam is a Process Development Engineer at our Vehicles Refinishes business, and an expert in grinding. Her specialty means that she advises not only her own plant, but plants around the world.

  • Process Development Engineer
  • At Business Area Vehicle Refinishes
  • Works in Coatings Manufacturing Excellence in Sassenheim

"I have started up new machines at a Chinese plant"

Miriam started at AkzoNobel Vehicle Refinishes in Sassenheim right after finishing her studies in Chemical Engineering at the University of Twente in the Netherlands.

She does research, introduces process improvements and solves problems for her plant in Sassenheim, the Netherlands. Miriam also advises other business units across the world, including in Australia, India, and the US. She was even involved in starting up new machines at a Chinese plant that had been acquired by AkzoNobel.

Miriam recognizes that it might seem out of the ordinary for someone as young as her to give international advice. However, grinding is a specialty that few sites devote time to on a full time basis. As a result, specialists like Miriam quickly get the chance to develop their skills and become an expert. Miriam says that is the reason why she regularly discusses alterations in machine settings with sites abroad.

She participates in the internal Graduate Development Program, which covers a broad range of topics that will help her grow in her career. She is learning management and change skills and learning more about the economic structure of the company.

Right now, Miriam wants to continue working in technology, but she likes that she is free to decide what she want to do in the future. She says, “There are opportunities to choose your own career path, depending on your personal interests. It has to fit within the company policy up to a point, but you can always take a new step if there's another position available.”

Miriam is Process Development Engineer bij AkzoNobel