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Øresund Bridge

Linking Sweden and Denmark, the Øresund Bridge is a triumph of engineering which relies on our International coatings to protect it from the harsh marine environment.

Bridging the gap

Proposals to link Denmark and Sweden across the Øresund Strait date back to the 1930s, if not earlier.

Construction work on the Øresund Bridge eventually began in 1995, with the link being completed in 1999.

Building the bridge was a huge technical challenge. Carrying road and rail traffic, it’s part of a 16.4km (ten mile) link between Copenhagen and Malmö which consists of a tunnel, the bridge and an artificial island.

The high bridge also has the longest cable-stayed main span in the world (490 meters) for both road and rail traffic.

Stringent standards

Having been chosen as the coatings supplier for the bridge, AkzoNobel had to meet stringent international standards. Around 450,000 liters of anti-corrosive coatings from the company’s International brand was used, covering approximately 560,000m2.

Extensive range

AkzoNobel has decades of experience in supplying protective coatings to the bridge market and offers an extensive range of products and systems which continue to benefit from investment in research and development.