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Akzo Nobel Helping Tsunami Victims

Akzo Nobel's support efforts follwing the devastating tsunami in Asia are gathering momentum as two employees are reported missing while holidaying in the region.

TwoAkzo Nobel employeesare among those listed as missing following the devastating tsunami which struck in Asia on December 26.

ASwedish Coatings employee and his wife and a German Coatings employee and his wifewere holidaying separatelyin the region and as yet no news has been received regarding their whereabouts. To date, there are no other reports of missing employees.

Since the disaster, Akzo Nobel has pledged to support the international aid effort for the victims by donating EUR 5 for each of the company’s employees. This amounts to a total of around EUR 300,000.

The company is also involved in a number of local and industry-driven initiatives all over the world which will be donating additional much-needed funds. Akzo Nobel Sweden was one of the first to react, announcing a donation of SEK 1 million (USD 150,000).

Elsewhere, Akzo Nobel’s human healthcare business, Organon—which has operations in the affected region—has launched a global fund-raising initiative, while the Indian arm of animal healthcare business Intervet has asked employees to donate one day’s salary to the disaster fund, which the company will match.

Other initiatives launched throughout the organization in the wake of the disaster—which include a USD 17,500 donationfrom Base Chemicals—have also started to gather momentum since the tsunami struck just over a week ago.

“We are desperately concerned about the welfare of our Swedish and Germancolleagues and their wives,” said Akzo Nobel CEO Hans Wijers. “Our thoughts are with their families and we still hope and pray that they are safe.”

Commenting on the company’s disaster relief efforts, he added: “Any help we can give is desperately needed by the thousands of unfortunate victims. Individually, or as Akzo Nobel as a whole, we should do our utmost to provide whatever support we can.”

Although Akzo Nobel has a number of business operations within the devastated region, it is believed that none of the company’s sites have been directly affected.

(Updated: January 4, 2005)