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AkzoNobel’s new surfactant meets stringent US EPA standards

AkzoNobel has launched an essential new ingredient for outdoor cleaning products which successfully meets stringent US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) environmental standards without compromising on performance.

Developed by the company’s Surface Chemistry business, Berol DR-B1 is suitable for both consumer and commercial applications that involve direct release (by-passing sewage treatment).

Suitable for a wide range of outdoor applications where very low environmental impact is a priority, the main uses for Berol DR-B1 are expected to include the cleaning of mass transit vehicles such as trains and buses, car washes and exterior house and garden furniture cleaning.

“As our cities become more populated, we have to ensure that they remain inspiring and comfortable places to live and work,” said AB Ghosh, Managing Director of AkzoNobel’s Surface Chemistry business. “We therefore have a responsibility to make them as safe and healthy as possible by reducing the added stress that extra cleaning puts on our environment.”

Continued Ghosh: “Degreasers prepared with Berol DR-B1 exhibit quick break behavior, meaning that the oil removed during washing separates rapidly from the used cleaning solution and can be removed, allowing the remaining water to be disposed of safely.”

AkzoNobel’s Corporate Director of Sustainability André Veneman added: “Sustainability is at the heart of everything we do and this unique product clearly demonstrates our Planet Possible approach to doing more with less.”

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