media release

Branching Out in Canada

A specially designed display of iron art has been coated by Akzo Nobel in Canada.

An office and shopping complex in downtown Calgary, Canada, is branching out following help from Akzo Nobel’s Coatings group.

Ten architectural steel “trees” have been erected in the city’s Banker’s Hall Galleria after being coated with International paint products.

The trees—five of which are 26-meters high and five 21-meters—are arranged into two groups and feature atmospheric lighting at the foot of each leg.

Empire Iron Works, who supplied, fabricated, cleaned, painted and erected the trees, selected Intercure 200HS and Interthane 870 to protect each tree, using 4,475 liters of paint in total.

They were chosen as they can provide a durable high-build system and have fast cure and handling characteristics.

(Released: October 18, 2002)