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CEO Promotes Reading Campaign

Akzo Nobel CEO Hans Wijers has visited young children at a daycare center in the Netherlands as part of a nationwide reading campaign.

Akzo Nobel Chairman Hans Wijers entertained youngsters at a daycare center in Arnhem recently as part of a nationwide campaign to promote reading among young children in the Netherlands.

Designed to signal the start of a 12-day national reading days promotion, Wijers was one of a number of prominent Dutch “captains of industry” who accepted an invitation to lend their weight to the initiative by reading to children at daycare centers, crèches, libraries and bookshops around the country.

Speaking prior to his reading session at the Petteflet daycare center on January 27, Wijers said: “My parents regularly read to me and I also find the time to read to my children. They have now discovered for themselves that reading opens up an entirely new world.

“Children at this young age should really be doing the things they enjoy doing. The important task of making clear to children just how enjoyable reading can be falls to us adults."

He added that besides being a source of pleasure, reading was also important for later life.

Wijers chose to read from the popular children’s book Bringing Down the Moon by Jonathan Emmet.

(Released: January 27, 2004)